“From interior design, to manufacture and delivery, We provide a convenient space solution for your fit-out needs. Let’s get started!

Simply fill out our fit-out from below and we’ll call to get your project underway.”

A simple 5 step process


Step 1

Submit a Fit-Out form online or call us to organise an appointment.


Step 2

Meet with a Cubikai professional to establish your specific space design brief.


Step 3

We create space design options for you to collaborate and choose from.


Step 4

A design is selected and you place an order for fit-out furniture and items.


Step 5

We organise manufacture, manage order logistics and deliver your space.

What we offer

  • A convenient, complete fit-out process covering all areas from design idea to implementation.
  • Adaptive manufacture and sourcing infrastructure that can provide complete space furnishing solutions, across small and large projects.
  • A team of researchers and designers that can work with you to create stand-out unique spaces.
  • Custom-built product options to suit specific requirements.
  • In-house expertise spanning across design trends, interior design, space-saving technology, engineering, manufacture, logistics and project management.
  • Huge warehouse capacity to ship large orders via container to site, both Australia-wide and internationally.
  • 3D visualization/rendering to assist with decision-making and concept refinement.

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